About The Mumbler

I write because I don’t like to be interrupted and have a tendency (according to my old man) to mumble. So if Harry Redknapp – a man who claims to be illiterate – can have a column in the Sunday Telegraph, why can’t I write something about football here? A sport I irrationally dedicate a great deal of my time to. And don’t worry, I suspect ‘Arry won’t see this…wouldn’t make any difference if he did anyway.

Living in Shanghai means I have to often set my alarm for 3:30 a.m. in order to watch a midweek fixture in Europe. Some (Most) would say it’s plain stupid, but I’ve developed the habit over the years as my better half continues to tolerate it…just.

Being English and living in China allows me regular exposure to their top divisions (Premier League and Chinese Super League). Whilst my knowledge of Chinese players is as limited as Arsene Wenger’s vision during controversial incidents, I can at least provide commentary on my own experiences here in the Far East, both playing amateur football and watching the professionals do a better job.

With the recent increase of global interest, I hope to provide some opinions on the state of football in China that might not be found elsewhere. Or at least provide the sort of toilet read that leads to pins and needles.

However, I won’t be restricting myself to only Chinese football matters…much to the delight of Nigel Farage. Having watched the Premier League since the days of Andy Sinton and Steve Harkness, I’ll be passing occasional comment on the latest goings on, particularly when it comes to underrated left-footers.

It beggars belief as to how you found this site but try to read more than this fluff on your way out. You might even learn something. Alternatively, you can at least lump it in with the other millions of sites that fail to offer anything of interest, not even boobs or a top 10 celebrity list!